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I have added the cap,rotor and wires to my 87 yjw/258-6.The difference was hard to believe.Acceleration is smooth to past 3500 rpm and it starts much easier. In an earlier post I had said I would report back on the change in mileage after a tank or so.The mileage has improved to 14.1 mpg vs 13 before the change.My question to TeamRush is,will the tfi coil make as much improvement as the cap,rotor and wires?I had been using a jacobs omni pak before,but with the new cap it actually runs better with the stock coil.If the tfi works as well as the cap it will be more than worth te 40$ it cost at the parts store thanks for the help TR rh


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You are very welcome!!!

I noticed there are several Jacobs Omni Pack ignition for sale cheap on the sale boards...
Wonder what caused that?

The answer you want is NO.
The TFI coil WILL increase your milage, but not like the cap, rotor and plug wires did.
It has added as much a 0.5 miles to the gallon on other jeeps, but nothing like the 1 to 1.5 miles to the gallon the cap and rotor upgrade does.

The average reported is 1.75 miles to the gallon increase with the entire upgrade.
I'm a little disappointed in those numbers, I would expect more like 2 to 2.25 miles to the gallon, but everyone that lets me know says the same thing,
"Lots more power! Great acceleration! Higher RPMs!....

If they have their foot in it, how can they be getting better gas milage?/wwwthreads_images/icons/wink.gif

I'm glad one and all are having fun with it....

Low cost alternative to the $45 premium coil...
Get one from a junk yard, bracket, connector, and all for about $10 bucks.
As long as the primary resistance is about 0.40 to 0.45 you should have a good coil...

Later folks,

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I just want to thank you TR for the info on the ignition.I was ready to scrap my 258 for a v8 or possibly a 4.0 6.With the improved performance of the 258 I've put those plans on hold.I must admit I'm one of those who can now not keep my foot off the peddle,constantly pushing it close to 3800 rpm's just to feel the difference.I can't wait to get on the trail to try it out.By the way,I've already bought the tfi coil a borg-warner from O'reilly's auto $32.00 and the coil connector for $13.00 from NAPA.I'm just waiting to hit the salvage yds for a bracket to mount it to the engine.Once again,thanks for making my 258 worth keeping. rh

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