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Ok, I know I've been a little slow on getting this thing going, but that's the way all masterpieces come about, right?

I got my first layer of putty on (well as much as I can before the stuff hardens) so I figured I'd update you guys on how its coming...

Now that I've gotten to this point and seen how the bondo body filler works, I'm thinking that stamping the texture of my interior might not work like I thought. I'm thinking that sanding it smooth as glass and then painting it to match might be a more feasible plan. Any suggestions?

Now comes bragging time....

I went to that local db Drag Racing event and placed 2nd in my class (mini street 3) with 137.5 db and 7points (whatever that means)!! I also made out of there like a bandit with about 4or5 nice t-shirts.

Here are my stats...
With 2 12" Rockford Fosgate HE2 subs, RF Power 1050s Amp, and 1.0F of capacitance.

I had one minor problem though...My amp musta been pulling more than 100a, because I could run it for about 15-30sec full blast before the 100a breaker blew. So in other words, that ~140a alternator I was thinking about may not be enough.
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