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I own a piece off ground in Ga. know as Fall Line Offroad. We do lots of dirt bike and quad harescrambles racing. I want to welcome all who are interested to come out Feb.7-9 for a fun run/open practice ride. For all of you that know anything about our sport. This will come at a good time for getting some practice in before the Cherokee national enduro in Greensboro Ga. Also just a few weeks before the GNCC kick off. For any SOCRS and SETRA racers it will be right in between races as well. Cost will be $10 per person or $25 for the weekend at the gate per person. That's pretty dang cheap!! Concessions and porta johns will be provided.
So if anybody here on is interested post here or pm me. Thanks, Anthony

Directions from Milledgeville Ga. 31061-Take hwy. 441 s. about 11 miles to the new Fall Line Freeway on right. Then go about 2 miles to J.M. McCullough rd. turn left. then about 100 ft. turn right into gate.
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