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Fuel Tank Stuff?

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I'm in the middle of rebuilding an 80 CJ7. I have removed the body and prepping it for painting. I notice in the drivers side rear corner that there is a 'Vapor/Fuel Separator' and a 'Roll Over Fuel Cut Off'.

Does anyone know if these things are really needed?

Can I remove them and still be Smog Legal?

How could I vent the fuel tank if they are removed?

The vapor separator goes to a small tank on the firewall. When I removed it, it basically fell apart/broke. I noticed several vacuum lines also attaching to it.

Does this tank need to be replaced?

80 CJ7

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My jeep had one of those vapor separator cans, I took it off when I put the V8 in. It's a smog thing, not sure if you would
be legal without it or not? I'm in AL, no inspections here.

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