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Fuel tank sender

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So whats the word on the fuel tank sending units?
I have the 6 bolt style sender on my tank. Where can I get this sender? Is the replacement a direct fit?
Ive heard of a couple of different places like Jeepsterman and Krage, but havent heard if they are direct fits.
Thanks ahead
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I got mine from the Jeepsterman with gasket and new screws. The only thing is that his senders don't have a 1/4" line for vapor return. So here is what I did and it was very simple and has worked perfectly. Looking at your old sender you will see where a 1/4" steel line makes a 90 degree turn through the top of the sender. I duplicated this on the new Jeepsterman sender. Go to the parts house and buy a 4" piece of 1/4" steel break line. Place it against something curved if you dont have a bender so that you don't kink it. Then drill a 17/64 hole through the sender replicating the old one. Then insert you bent piece of brake line and J-B weld in place. When your all said and done it looks like original and functions like original. Hope this helps.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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