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Trust Larry to give you good advice. Follow it.
Seems to me that if you have eliminated the part of the filler tube that extends into the tank (I suspect it was designed this way to prevent over filling and contaminating the system's charcoal canister).
The sender's wiper has only a limited amount of coils (travel) yet the float's travel on the other side of the pivot has been extended due to the increased capacity of the tank. The only way I see to make the OEM sender indicate properly would be to move the sender rod's pivot a little towards the rheostat so that it will be able to travel the new empty-to-full distance and still have the other side move within the peramiters (travel) of the rheostat.
Moving the pivot or altering the arm/s are the only way to keep one side's travel of a lever the same after extending the travel of the other side.
It's funny... after modifying the tank to hold more fuel above the limit of the arm of the sender, it still should register similar to your old levels after your fuel level is down to the old "full" level.

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