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A simple fuel pump swap for a 1986 Samurai is driving me NUTS! I'm jinxed.
1) I've changed 4 of them in past years w/no problem.
2) I have all the right tools and 3 diff manuals.
3) I've double checked everything & used gasket cleaner to get the head shiny.
4) I put the new one on and off three times yesterday and couldn't get it to pump.
5) Each time I put the new on yesterday, I had a perfect flush mate to the head.
6) Meanwhile, it leaks oil out of the bottom of the gasket.

OK, today my jinx got worse. I have 3 fuel pumps: a new one, a good used one and the one that went bad. Today I can't get ANY of the three to mate flush with the head!!! I have cycled the cam through several revolutions checking and double and triple checking for "low cam" and having the push rod as far in as possible.

To be able to fit the pump flush to the head yesterday with no problem and not be able to do so today has me more perplexed than I've ever been before. Normally, the fuel pumps swap is quick and easy and NO problem whatsoever.

I don't get it. WTF am I doing wrong here?

Thanks for your help. John Parsons, Idaho Falls.
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