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I've run my Weber 32/36 on my '78 258 for the past year w/o a fuel pressure regulator. I haven't driven it all that much, but now that it's getting warmer, I want get the emissions run on it and get it registered again.

When you run the pressure regulators such as the Purolators, do you install a fuel pressure gauge as well, or are they calibrated on the regulator? I'll probably put a gauge in the engine compartment anyway, just wondering what you guys recommended.

How about this regulator from Summit Racing:


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do a search on fuel pressure regulator on this board, it has been discussed alot before. I run mine at 2.5psi, you should be able to find one at your local auto parts store that has marks as to where to set it.

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That one from Summitt is rather odd looking. Try any good parts store, they will have one. Just don't get some kid parts geek that insists on looking it up by vehicle, this is a universal part. There have been quite a few posts about the fact that guys can't find one because one isn't listed for their vehicle. In other words don't go to Checker, Auto Zone or Pep Boys!

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