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I had not so long ago bought an fl 250 in a not to good condition, my stepson and I have spent a fair bit of time getting it going, we however have one annoying problem and that is a constant flow of fuel from the carby overflow discharge tube when the engine is running.
Now I know what you are thinking, needle and seat to the carby, well that has been replaced and the float level re-set to the required setting of 20mm below the carby body, all to no avail.
We have even dropped the setting to 25mm this seemed to stop the overflow problem but the engine would only run for a few seconds and stall through lack of fuel.
I have lifted it up to 22.5mm but the overflow problem returns and the engine although running now will starve for fuel on steep hills at full throttle.
It is becomming very frustrating as the engine is constantly running rich under these conditions.
Is the float level right or is there something else causing the problem?
Regards:- Patrick M.
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