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Fuel Line Replacement - Simple Question

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'85 Jeep CJ-7, 258

The fuel line between my gas tank and fuel pump includes a short span of rubber fuel line just prior to entering the fuel pump. It's showing some serious signs of deterioration after 15 years on my Jeep. If I disconnect this line, will the entire contents of my gas tank empty onto the floor? If so, how do I replace this line without becoming a fire hazzard?

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Well, you could run the jeep out of fuel...

When I replaced those lines, I unhooked them at the fuel pump first and tied them up so that the open end remained as high as possible (so as to prevent leakage). I then installed one end of the new line (and be sure to get fuel line...not vacuum line or some other rubber tubing) on the fuel pump, clamped it on, and then slipped a hose clamp on the other end of the new line. I loosened the old line's hose clamp, and twisted the hose a bit to break the seal on the metal line, and then just popped the old hose off and quickly slid the new hose on...then tightened down the new line and went. Of course, if your jeep has rubber fuel lines at the fuel tank between the tank and the metal line that runs along the frame, you could always stick a vice grip on that rubber line and pinch it off temporarily. Either way, you'll spill very little fuel. Just be ready to catch a few drops with an oil pan or something... Oh, and keep your trouble light way back /wwwthreads_images/icons/wink.gif...

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Run the Jeep low on fuel.

Put the Jeep on ramps or blocks in the front end.
That will raise the line end.

Loosen the fuel tank cap so heat expansion doesn't force fuel out.

Place a catch pan under where you are working.

Have the new fuel line handy, along with the clamps and tools.

Change the fuel line.

Have a beer, and pat yourself on the back for not making a mess.


Best bet is to change the fuel filters also while you already smell like gas...

Good luck, Aaron.

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I was just wondering if there was a type of sealant to put in between the metal male and female connections (actually its a female coupling with the males being the line) on the metal fuel line (ie teflon tape?)? Right now I have a leak at a connector and it is as tight as possible, but it won't stop dripping. So if you know of a product, or a technique to stop this please tell.

I think you are speaking of the inverted flare fittings used on the fuel feed lines, either the fittings are over tightened and distorted or you have some debris in it or either the line's flare or its mateing surface in the fitting may have a nick. If that's it, try takeing some steel wool and polish them. If not you might have to cut the flare off and put a new nut on and reflare it. At any and all rates.......Good Luck.

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