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I know we've beat this question up but here goes:

I live in the wet Pacific NW (wet all the time)and have a '76 CJ5 with 15 gallon tank and stock fuel guage. Recently (within last 2 weeks), when I drive to work at 0530 and it is cold and wet out, the fuel guage does not respond and registers empty. When I go home at 1630, the guage works again. Bad ground? Everytime I go to test it in the afternoon, it is working.

Thanks for the help, all thoughts and SWAGs welcome.

My other vehicle is an Aircraft Carrier.

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/wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif Yep...that's my guess. The heat from the exhaust dries out the ground connection to the side of the frame from the tank sender. The sender has an independent ground, it does not depend on the tank. Sounds like you need to establish a new ground. While your at it, how about grounding all three Jeeps? You know,.....the chassis....the engine and tranny group....and the tinware(body). You need to ground the tub and front fenders separately just to be sure. This will improve all sorts of things, you'll see/wwwthreads_images/icons/crazy.gif

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