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Exacxtly what is the procedure when fixing the fuel gauge sender? How much must be disconnected and or replaced in a worst case scenario? I'm tired of a non functioning fuel gauge..... Thanks....
Wildweasil...are you listening? (I was hoping we would cover this at the NE Fabfest)

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Sorry we didn't. If the guage is okay, and the wires are connected, then you will need to drop the tank out and remove the fuel guage sender. At the top of it is a metal cover, with like 1 or 2 screws.
remove it and you will see a reostat looking thing, and there should be a wiper armattached to the
rod that goes to the float. the wiper arm needs to be bent towards the reostat so it makes contact
all the way through the movement.. not a bad job just have to either empty the tank or run it as dry as possible. (really needs to be under 1/4 tank. gas is heavy!) I still need to do this to both of the daily drivers. Hope this helps.

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Sending unit went bad about year ago on me removed tank
broke three bolt heads off had to drill them out. Four gas
tanks bolts did not make me a happy camper.

Inspected sending unit it appeared as little junky
resistive wire strip with Rube Goldburg contact wiper.

Did not want anymore sending unit problems that require me
drop gas tank so replaced old sending with precision 5 Watt
linear wire wound potentiometer and coat hanger as float
support been using it for 3 months now returns incredible
low end accuracy. Believe bought four those pot cost about
$2 each only used one rest lay'in around work bench somewhere.

Nice have reliable gas gauge monitor, unit should last me
forever or very long time.

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