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Well, didn't want to go this route, but guess I'm gonna have too. Got a 401 with a ton of new parts on it. Doubt I'm gonna get what I want out of the engine, so I'm just gonna start selling the new parts and then decide what to do with the block. The following items are BRAND NEW!! Most have been installed on the 401, but the engine was never turned over with them on. So they might be a little dirty from being on the engine, but they have never been used. All items are located in Spokane Wa. Need to sell all this [censored] by end of the month. Moving to Alaska and decided that it will just be easier if I get rid of the engine before I go. Please drop me an email if you are interested in any of the items.

- Edelbrock Elite series air filter w/ K&N and air filter foamy thing to keep mud out. $45 shipping
- Edelbrock 4bll Performer manifold w/ EGR for 304-401 $150 shipping
- MSD 6 off-road igntiion $150 shipping
- MSD High-vibration Blaster coil $20 shipping
- MSD Dist $175 shipping
- Heddman fenderwell headers with header mufflers (fit TH400 auto) $100 shipping
- Jacob wires $20 shipping
- Tomken dual battery tray $50 shipping

As I said, all items are located in Spokane, Wa, area code 99004. Pictures available on request

[email protected]
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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