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Now that the 44 and 8.8 (With ARB ) are under my YJ I have my stock D30 and D35 for sale. These things are really too big to ship (not convenient for me, nor really cost effective for the buyer).

They are from a 95 YJ with 99,000 miles on it (built in July 95).


All u-joints, bearings and ball joints are in good shape.

Diff has had synthetic (with regular changes) for three years now, no leaks at all.

This has been meticulously maintained.

It has Performance Friction pads on it (less than a year) and the calipers work fine.

AND... I am 99% sure the ujoints are 297Xs, i will be double checking that.

If you are interested, it can include the tie rod and drag link (all TREs are good).

The only thing "wrong" with this front is one stud was double threaded by a friend putting the wheels on with my OBA. This should be replaced.


Has been meticulously maintained.

Synthetic for as long as the front's had it.

New pads, wheel cylinders, and brake lines last fall.

Includes ebrake cables.

Both of these are really bolt ins.

Have you been thinking of going to 4.10s? Wouldn't 297X u-joints (same as 44) be that little extra peace of mind you've always wanted? :)

Make an offer.



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