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I have an 87 full size Bronco that I need to sell. It's basically stock. 300 inline 6 with auto trans. 4x4. 108000 miles. fairly new exaust, radiator and new tires. body/frame in good shape, little to no rust never realy off road. motor is strong and does not burn/use oil. tranny shifts fine. has AC but does not work(needs new compressor I think), power steering has a slow leak(I'm pretty sure that it's a hose but it leaks so slow that I just top it off when it starts to get low). And the back window will not come up. Needs some brake work, but is still drivable(it's my daily driver right now) All-in-All its in pretty good shape. I'm asking $2000 o.b.o it's located in auburn Al. e-mail me at [email protected]


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