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I've noticed several Frontier owners on this board that would like a lift kit for their trucks. I think I know of a way we can get one made. The Frontier Crew Cab 4x4 and 4x2, Frontier Standard and Extended Cab 4x4's, and Frontier Desert Runner all share the same suspension. One kit should fit all of our trucks. A quick call to Nissan to get the upper and lower A-arm and torsion bar part numbers will verify this. If we all ban together and as a group contact Fabtech, Donahoe or any other fabricator we can think of they will make an A-Arm, Torsion bar kit for us ( and possibly alot of other cool stuff if there is a demand ).

Please reply to this e-mail if there is an interest. I've already spoken to Fabtech about a lift kit for the Frontier 4x4 chassis trucks. They basically need to justify the costs incured in making the kit. I think an order for twenty or so kits would justify the costs.

Xterra folks, I'll ask Nissan about the part numbers for your A-Arms and Torsion Bars as well.



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do i not speak english? now your all comming out of the wood work. thats ok. lets do it!!! I want to be one of the pioneers. lets call trailmaster and superlift too......

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