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I found a company that will make a lift kit for the Frontier's and Xterra's. I spoke with David at Donahoe Racing in Anehiem, California. These guys are hard core desert racers. They seem to know what they are doing big time.

He said that all they need is someone who wants to lift their truck to go by the shop and they will custom fabricate a lift kit for that truck. They will then make 30 or so kits based on this one design to sell to all of us that want a lift.

Unfortunately I live in Georgia, otherwise my truck would be there first thing Monday.

Is there anyone on this board with a Frontier Crew Cab ( 4x4 or 4x2, they use the same chassis ), Desert Runner ( 4x2 on 4x4 chassis ), or a 4x4 that lives in the Aneheim area and wants a lift kit? Once they see the truck they can estimate a price, make 30 or so kits and we'll be jamming.

Please reply ASAP. I've called Fabtech, Calamini, Superlift and Rancho and they all blew me off. Donahoe is a hard core desert racing company and a custom fabricator. This is a great chance to get some wicked off-road parts for our trucks. I'm sure they'll design and produce some awesome skid plates, pre-runner style bumpers, cages, lockers, shocks and long travel mounts, whatever we want.

See the attached file for one of their example trucks. I know it's a Toyota, but it is a wicked truck and a good example of how extreme these guys will go if we want it.
Let's Do It,

P.S. No, I don't work for Donahoe. I found out about them from off-roads web site in the Ford Ranger Pre-Runner Project they had out a couple of months ago. Check out their web site at


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count me in. I live in florida, do you think i can commute? anyway when donahue does it they can count on my money!!!!as for the others they won't get me to buy there shocks! so add me to the mailing list and keep me updated........


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i live on Oklahoma City or I would take my truck in. if they do the lift, i want one too!!!! keep us informed.

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