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Although I have 27 years experience in the Off-highway world (and I'm 29), I am kinda new to the jeep world but definitety hooked, BIG TIME! I have a new TJ with the 30" tire package, dana 44's, and just put in a detroit rear locker. I put in the the locker on the advice of some long time 4 wheelers. I'm not into looks too much. I want a trail worthy jeep for the best buck. So far, The rear detroit is amazing! I was told the next thing to do should be a front lockrite locker. I was thinking of an ARB so I can disengage when turning. How will a front lockrite handle. Will I break parts with a stock front axel? What are the weak parts I should Carry For spares? Is an ARB worth the extra money? If I get the lockrite will I need to get some warn locking hubs so I can unlock one if I need to?
Thanks and see you on the trails!

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For best handling, given the two options you presented, the ARB would be your best choice. The down side of the ARB is its weak link--the compressor and air lines. If either fail--and the air lines sometimes do--you're stuck without a functioning locker.

The down side of the front Lock-Right (or EZ-Locker) is that you retain the stock carrier, also the weak link.

An outstanding option to consider is matching your Detroit Locker with a Detroit True-Track. I have this diasing differential in the front of my Y2K-TJ and it works great. There are no clutches to wear out, its carrier is much stronger than stock, and you save the expense of a compressor. In real-world practical use, you will not notice the difference between a front locker or the True-Track, except you don't get the bad manners in steering when in 4X4.

Spare parts might include a spare set of springs for the Lock-Right setup (the dual springs can fail, where the EZ-Locker's single spring and bearing can't), or a set of hoses for the ARB. Also, a spare compressor or carrier, sealer, and gear oil wouldn't hurt.


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As nice a Limited Slip the Tru track is, it is by no means a true locker, and it WILL let you down as far as traction some time down the road (or trail).

I have run a front lock-right and a front ARB (most recently) in my Toyota, and I can say that front ARB's are the way to go. You will save your front axle from wear & tear until you need the locker.

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If you plan to run any tight trails you will either do a lot of backing up or install hubs or a dual shifter to eliminate stering difficulties with anything but the ARB.

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