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Front hub nut wrench idea

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There were some posts a while ago with pics of fabbed tools for the 50mm nut on the front hub. Finally got time to regrease the front hub bearings, tried the local rental places for big luck. Just couldn't see spending $25 for a tool I may never use again so no choice but cob one up. Here's what I came up with. The body is 2x2 heavy tubing, the tabs are 1/4x 1&3/4 with 1 inch depth below the tubing. My small torque wrench is 3/8 and this deep was all I could find (Craftsman!). What worked really well was rounding off the corners to fit snugly inside the hub body. Nice stable fit and with the low torque specs no problems with slippage at all. If you make one this way take a swipe or 2 with a grinder on the flats of the 2x2 and it'll be perfect, 2 inches is 50.8mm which is OK but hey if you can make it better why not??

Something interesting: The 96 inch/lb spec on the nut made more drag on the bearings than I'd ever set by hand. Backed it off and reset 3 times just cause I didn't trust it. First time I ever used the T-wrench setting wheel bearings, I've been way loose all this time!



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Nice job! free and functional is always #1 for me,too.
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