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Our club did a great snow run today that went off without any breakage and only 2 stuck trucks. One was a full size Bronco that slipped off the trail into a ditch and the other was a Zuki that slid nose first into a pit trying to see what the Bronco did. We winched the trucks out and kept on truckin' for a couple more hours.
On the way home (a half hour highway drive) I came upon an accident scene. Our club President, who had left ahead of the rest of us, had rolled his Willy's in the highway. He broke his collar bone and has a "roll-bar" shaped dent in his forehead. The good news is that the roll bar held and only the windshield frame was lost. The whole truck is still in decent shape. I think his next mod is going to be shoulder bests attached to the roll bar.

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There seems to be a lot of that going on. Fortunately, the injuries are minor. Glad to hear everybody came out OK.

If he needs some ideas on the seatbelt, send him to Leve's writeup on how to attach shoulder harnesses to the cage, at:

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