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i have an 86 bronco with a four inch rough country lift kit that i installed a year ago. i got the truck alligned right away, but after my first whhelin' trip i came home way out of allignment, with the outer parts of the front tires way in and the tops of the tire were way out.
not having the money at the time to get it alligned again i decided to use the lower hole in my axle relocation bracket (i am not sure if this is standard for all brands of lifts, but rough country's bracket came with two holes, one higher for the 4 inch kit and one lower for the 6 inch kit and then they simply send you the coils for the size lift you ordered). this helped the issue and helped me gain control of the vehicle.
this weekend i am getting the truck alligned again, and wanted to know if i should relocate the axle pivot to the original hole for the 4 inch kit before i go in, or if i can leave it in the lower hole? what draw backs might i face, and what benefits if any will i gain?
thanks, any input would be appreciated.

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If the lower hole gives you better camber, I'd leave it right there. The less shim they have to put toward camber, the more they have left over to put toward negative caster, which you definitely want with tall tires.
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