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i should really look at a jeepster some time. they used a carrier bearing? damn strange. well you'll probally have to get it cut, but use one out of a commando. actually going SOA lengthens the front drive shaft anyway, so it might fit perfect. to make sure, if its close, after its installed, jack the front of the jeep up by the frame in the center with the tires on. you should have at least an 1.5 inches of spline left in the slide. (make sure it turns to) then let it down to check that there is at least 2 inches left to compress. if the shaft is to long/short, its easly cut, or lenghtend by a drive line shop. if the angle is to great, and the shaft binds, and its mainly used for off road (boy i'm going to get $hit for this) just tilt the pinion up slighty. i used to bend mine like a bannana every time i went out, till i did this. yes it takes a little more concentration to drive, but those are the consaquences. there is another way to do it by rotating the knuckles, but it is a real pain in the butt. there is one other consideration, thats driveshaft to x-mission clearance. there are more than a few th-400's out there with busted pan corners becouse a x-fer case u-joint let loose. make sure you replace the u-joints, weather you think the're good or not. i have tried every brand(including spicer) and found brute force, non-greasable, to be the BEST. i will debate this with anyone who thinks otherwise. other than that, good luck

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