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I see no real weakness in the 2 piece driveshaft setup, but on the trail it could be a pain. Changing a u-joint on the transfer case end would be a real pain on the trail, you can hardly see the thing. Switching over to a one piece shaft will require some exhaust re-routing in most cases, and you might have a bigger issue with the shaft clearing the pan of the tranny, but not real shure on this one, I had a TH400 for one day, never agian. Still not shure on clearance issues for the th400, and positive it will not work with an SM420, but for SM465 and T-14 users you can increase the size of the front u-joints if you switch over to a one piece shaft. Find an old flatfender with a 4 cylinder and D18 t-case, and the front driveshaft yokes are 1310's, the same u-joint the rear shaft of most jeeps. The spline counts on the yokes are all 10 spline and will swap right over. The V-6 equiped jeeps used a smaller front driveshaft U-join't not shure why. The AMC commando's as far as I know already have this larger u-joint on the front.

70 Jeepster with "Hurc package"
225 V-6/SM420/D18, D44's locked 4.88, 8" SOA 36's
48 flattie 225 V-6 HEI/T14/D20, D30/D44 31's.
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