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Hey Guys
Iam about to swap some axles in my CJ out of a Scout.
With a suspension change, like Buggy Spring in the rear and coil spring in the front. Its the coil springs I need help with I know you can buy a kit but Iam a cheap Bastard And like to build it myself. Iam looking for a 4" lift. I need info.
like HOW TO'S or WEB sites whatever info. I can get.

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I was considering this same setup on my 59 CJ. I got most of the parts but no time to finish. I took the spring buckets off of a 2 wheel drive ford pickup. They rivet on to the frame, just cut the rivets and they're off in no time. Then I was going to have to attach a flat spring mount to the axle. I didn't know exactly how to do this-I had the pads from the ford truck I thought about using. Then you need some way to attach the axle. I thought about a four link or I had the arms from the ford truck-I was going to attach 2 heim joints to the front of the arm and then bolt that to the axle. The rear of the arm mounts to a bracket that is very easily removed from the frame. Also note the arms I am talking about were the axles that I was going to use as radius arms. The difference was that the axle were longer, and the part that attaches to the wheel were flat whereas the radius arms had the big C shaped clamp that attaces to four wheel drive axles. I was goin to use the heim joints so I could adjust the caster and I could fabricate the attachments for heim joints alot easier than attaching the radius arms. I suggest you go to a junkyard and start looking at frames. Look at the 2 wheel drives since most of these used coil springs up front along with 4 wheel drive fords. Stick with the 2 wheel drive parts because they are alot cheaper.

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I just recently ( like two days ago/wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif!)completed a very similar conversion putting coil springs under the front of my CJ that has fullsize international axles. I don't have anything really written up on the process, but if you or anyone else is really interested, I'm sure I could get something typed up. However, I lose my internet access for awhile starting tomorrow, so requests would have to be fulfilled this evening. For the record, I too used Ford springs, perches, etc. but from a 4x4 because the parts were the same price, and the 4x4 springs are a bit taller, which I liked. I may even have some pictures by tonight of how the Jeep now looks, but can't guarantee them! Just drop me a line either here or in a private message with the e-mail address you commonly use, and I'll try to get something put together.

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I remember reading about a guy who did the most economical coil spring front suspension ever...he used 2 very soft leaf springs to locate the axle, and then used coil springs for his actual spring...very cheap, incredible flex, easy to do...the only problem was that the suspension slowly developed a penchant for bending the leaf springs...

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if your going to use coil springs I would suggest buying some designed to be used on the front of a TJ or XJ sense they are fairly tall and would have a much more apropriate spring rate then springs out of a fullsize. or you could alway's call up FOX or Sway Away and get some coil overs but that would be fairly expensive

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