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Front Clip Replacement

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Howdy. I yanked the front clip off of my 66 CJ6, as it was dented beyond repair. The grill has the heater intake on it, so it shortens the engine bay by like 3 inches. Is there another type of grill that will work? Will the later years that has a cowl intake fit? If anyone has ever swapped the front clip on one of the older jeeps, please let me know.

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I had a 56' M170 (military version of the CJ6) that I put the radiator support in from a 72' CJ5. The problem is the newer style uses a center mount on a front cross member. I had welded in the cross member in from the 72 (added saginaw stearing at the same time) so I could bolt in the support. Yes it can be done, but takes allot of fabrication.


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