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Front cherokee CV drive shaft on the rear of a CJ7?

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I came across a CV drive shaft from the front of a 1988 Cherokee at a local junk yard for only $20. I need a CV shaft for the rear
of my CJ with a t18. I know it would have to be cut but would it work? Has anyone done this before? Let me know.


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Yes, on mine and 3 or 4 of my friends. However, I used newer ZJ shafts, because they were free. The other end of those wear out. Our local driveshaft shop gets about $65. to completely re-tube with .120 wall, and balance. You will have to buy a yoke to fit your Dana 300, something like $30.

I don't have a dana 300, I have a dana 20. Will i need to change anything?


you will have to change the t/c yoke. use spicer part number 2-4-4061x. you can also get a d/l out of the front of a tj. cherokees use 1.75x.095 tubing verses 2.5x.083 or 2x.120 found on tj's. and also the splines are 1.25x16 on the cherokee verses 1.375x16 on the tj. Good luck Brian

Any ideas on where I can get spicer part # 2-4-4061x
I think that's the right one.


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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