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I just noticed why my 91' YJ bangs when in 4 wheel drive. Ive got a pretty bad angle coming off the T-case. It bangs when accelerating in the first two gears,
but when in third no matter how fast I go no problems.
Ive got a double cardan on the rear and was wondering if anyone else with a S.O.A. put one on the front drive shaft also.(My front springs are sagging now, when I get them replaced and have a modest arch to them my u joint angle off the T case will be really bad.)



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hey there.. you might try using the front drive shaft from a quadra-trac jeep they have cv's in them. i am a few weeks from my spring over and that is the wasy i was thinking of going. i have one ready.. and i know they are plenty long enough, do to the turbo 400 trannies.. you will have to change out the front yoke.. might be able to drill it out. but i think the holes are to far outboard. hope this helps you.

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