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Hey everyone.
I was told that a solid axle is alot better for off-roading. I currently have the Twin I beam setup on my truck, and am wondering if it would be best to put a stright axle under it? I plan to put a lift on my truck also If anyone knows which lift kid would be best for a twin axle setup. Thanks
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A solid axel is much better for many 4x4 applications. But if you just wanna go out and screw around in the woods the TTB does fine. People who do the solid axel swap will most commonly use either a early bronco dana 44 or a waggy 44. the waggy is a little wider so the tires will stick out. I have not seen any kits for solid axel swaps on ranger/ bronco 2/ explorers so that means that it will all have to be custom.

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There are two questions you need to ask yourself before a sold axle swap.

1. Do you have the time and money?
2. Do you have a reason to justify swapping the axles? Is the TTB giving you trouble? Are you always breaking parts becuase of hard wheeling? If not you probably dont need a SAS.

But, if you do, Jeff's Bronco Graveyard has a SAS kit that includes all brackets and hardware needed to do the swap.
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