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I’ve previously mentioned the easy way out is not to get revenge or physically or verbally express your anger no matter how bad you want to lynch the Eco Terrorist. That our goal’s is too simply and consistently (over the long haul) get results from our government via CA4WDC and to let the other side commit their civil disobedience’s, acts of sabotage and destruction of private property.

(See LA Time Saturday 6/2/01, Section A, Page A11; and Orange Country Register Nation & World News Section, Saturday 6/2/01, Page 33 about Earth Liberation Front terrorist activities).

The weekend of 5/19-20/01 I examine and area near Union Pacific lines near the Mesquite Hills area where some one removed a BLM closure sign and then drove into a clearly designated closed area along side the. I found this (AS YOU SHOULD) irritating in the extreme and inexcusable that member’s of our OHV community would degrade them self to Eco Terrorist status.

This type of unlawful and uncooperative activity does not meet our OHV ethical standards established by CA4WDC or support our OHV cause. Every reasonable effort should be made by Our OHV Community to prevent this regrettable and short-sighted activities does not occur again in the future.

Happy Sandwich

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