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Get 'em while they're hot!

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>FROM: CHRISTINE JOURDAIN, American Council of Snowmobile Associations
>WOW.....what a week!!
>ROADLESS ISSUE: Last Friday (May 4) President Bush and the Department of
>Agriculture submitted their plan for the Roadless Issue to Judge Lodge, who
>is presiding over the lawsuit filed by ACSA, Idaho and Illinois Snowmobile
>Associations, Boise Cascade and other groups. Their plan was brilliant -- it
>did all but repeal the Clinton plan!!
>Then yesterday (May 9) Judge Lodge announced his decision which agreed with
>us that Roadless issue was illegally proposed,substantively flawed, and
>failed to include the public in the development of the rule.
>Now the Bush administration will have an opportunity to start anew with real
>participation from states, local communities, and forest planners to craft a
>sound and balanced approached to forest management for healthy forests.
>However, there may be an appeal filed. It appears that intervenors can
>possibly file an appeal, and there were intervenors. This is still unclear,
>but don't be surprised if an appeal is filed--not by the Forest Service or
>the Department of Justice, but by the intervenors.
>HEALTH INSURANCE: As I told you earlier this week, the discriminatory
>language went into effect this week. I have talked with other national
>organizations and we exploring legislation that would protect recreationists.
> I will keep you advised as we progress through this process.
>WHAT ARE WE UP AGAINST? Well-funded green groups.....on more issues than
>just the Roadless and Health Insurance. In fact, these figures were recently
>included in an article in the Sacramento Bee. These are the salaries of just
>one (1) person on their staff....and they have many staffers.
>Sierra Club: $138,000
>Defenders of Wildlife: $201,000
>Wilderness Society: $205,000
>Audubon Society: $240,000
>Ducks Unlimited: $347,000
>That is the salary for just one person.....imagine how deep their pockets
>are. And, think about the Legal Action Funds!! And their Political Action
>Funds. That's our enemy!!
>On that note....have a great weekend!

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