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I own a 77' CJ-7 and I do a lot of mud riding witch means
I get alot of mud in the frame. After cleaning out the
frame today I noticed rust was coming out. My ? is if I
remove the inner part of the frame ( for rustproofing and
easy cleaning ) and add extra support to the weak spots, is
it going to be any better or should I just leave it the
way it is. The frame is still in decent condition so I
hope it will add life.

Your info is very helpful,


77 CJ-7/232
86 cherokee

I'm not sure how bad your frame is but after years of wheeling in mud with my 1980 CJ7 the frame was in bad shape. All the low spots on the frame were in real bad shape and the last 4-6 inches were gone. I had to clean it out and put frame plates on. If you clean out the frame well and paint the inside with a undercoating gun (instead of removing the some of the frame). Worst case scenerio you have to clean the frame down and plate it.

Tim Springer
1980 CJ7
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