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frame tie in kit?

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Question. I just picked up a smittybilt hoop and spreader kit. I was going to just bolt it to the floor. How bad is this idea? Should I go with the tie in kit? Also, How does the kit bolt to the roll bar through the floor? Thanks.

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well you can just bolt it to the floor.. but depending on what you want out of it. if you are doing any serious wheeling.. and just might think you go greasy side up.. tie it to the frame.. havent bought the kit.. am making mine.. am welding on a piece of angle iron to the frame and having come out to the tie in part. then drilling holes thru the body.. and putting a piece of rubber under the cage and bolting them together..

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I've rolled (after the cage was in - Thank God!) and I consider the frame tie-ins to have really done all the work. This is a must-have item.

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Ive always wondered about the stock roll cage on a jeep will that withstand a roll over

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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