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Frame Prep ???\'s

Hey all,
I just picked up my FREE '79 CJ-7 frame! WoooHooo! and am now begining the prep of it. I currently have it stripped of all non-permanent items, anything not welded on, and I have started to clean it up with an angle grinder and wire wheel. I need some suggestions on how to clean out the insided of the fully boxed frame. It is full of crud, like dry mud and such. I can knock some of it out thru some of the holes but I really need to get it completely cleaned out. 2nd questtion, the frame is solid except for 2 rust holes right along the weld along side the rear spring hangers. How should I repair this? I can get someone to weld for me, but should I weld some angle iron over it or try to fill in the hole/crack with a welder? The holes are about 3/4" wide by 1-2" long.
I plan to POR 15 it and coat w/chassis coat black but I really want to do something on the inside since CJ frames tend to rust from the inside out. JEEPSKATE have read your site (nice job by the way) and know you have prepped a couple of frames, any advice you can give is greatly appreciated. Thanks for everyone's help. I am sure I will have many more questions as this project progresses. Sorry about the cross posting but I need as much advice as possible.
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"Frame-off in Progress"

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