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Frame Help Needed ( PLEASE)

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Hello fellow Jeepers. Time for my plea for help. I`m restoring my 79 CJ5 . I`ve got the tub/front end off already. I have been sitting in my garage the past couple of evenings going over the frame VERY carefully. The front of it all the way back to the second to last cross member is in good shape . Except the body mounts !I`ll get to those later. Now I know the rear cross member is readily available at just about any Jeep dealer . My pickle is the next one (where the fuel tank skid plate) mounts to . This cross member is good except where the body mounts were , they are totally gone. Does anyone know if this section is available ? It would be nice just to cut the old one out and weld in a new one .
Now , the frame body mounts , all are in tact and they are in decent shape except that where the old metal washers used to contact the metal on the mounts . If you have ever seen an old Jeep frame you`ll know what I`m talking about . They have really thinned out where the old body mount washer contacted the mount on the frame. My local Jeep shop says to weld BIG washers on top . I`m worried about moisture getting in between the old metal and the new washers . I don`t want to do all this work and then have it rot out in a few years. Any ideas on fixing these properly ? You would think someone would be making something to fix this common problem . They make everything else for Jeeps :)

ANY help or tips or ideas would be greatly appreciated ! THANKS !!


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For the body mounts, you can do what the shop suggested and then coat the whole deal with a rust preventative coating like POR-15 or Coroless, or you can buy all new mounts and cut the old ones off and weld the new ones on. As far as the crossmember, I haven't seen anyone reproducing them...this is one of a few items that fall into this category...I tempted to start a small business cranking out items like this. You can weld some flat stock to the existing unit and then cut it (hole saw) for the body mounts.

Good idea on the 2nd to rear cross member excpet that if you were to weld flat bar on there , wouldn`t it raise the position of those 2 body mounts ? How critical would that be if they were a quarter inch higher up (or more) when the tub goes back on . Just curious .

Thanks for the advice :0)

I did just that......welded new 1/8" plates on both the crossmember and on the other body mounts. (I welded them underneath on the body mounts). There was no problem caused by them being a little off in height. I cut holes with a hole saw, and painted everything. I figure it will last another 15 years (or more) like the original ones did.

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Check with Willys-Overland out of Toledo, OH they might be able to help you, I got a brand new 1975 CJ-5 frame from them last winter. I think they have body mount brackets to.

Just a suggestion, If you weld washers or plate to the frame, spray both areas with "weld through" paint. As you weld, the heated surface changes the "weld through" into a zinc coating which prevents rust from starting.

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