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Four wheeling in NW Arkansas

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Does anyone know of any trail rides in December or January within a two hour drive of NW Arkansas?


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How far are you from Clayton, OK?

95.5 YJ with "stuff"
/wwwthreads_images/icons/tongue.gif There is an off-road event which will begin at the site of the future Arkansas Dirtbag Hall of Fame where they will showcase the hundreds of women the db has "made", and in another section will be photos of the fourty-plus people who aren't alive anymore because they had an attack of conscience and became "a liability" to the dirtbag and the democrats. If you go over there with your Jeep, the Dirtbag's Non-off-road police can attend to your Jeep; welding up the hubs and making a real nice flower pot out of it. Get there early so you won't have to wait very long. Take along a bag for the stuff in the glove box, and try not to have the fuel tank too full. Heck, Algore might even be there too, with his engine-freezers; police who pour a mixture in the intake to freeze up that nasty internal combustion engine that makes so much smog. Events like that are what a liberal commie democrat would go to sleep dreaming about./wwwthreads_images/icons/crazy.gif

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Did you post this here on purpose?

1977 CJ5 looking for T18a and hardtop!
Ouch CJDave!!!!! Hope ya didn't disappoint Will. Shoot Will, come over to Poteau with us in Feb. Did ya get your jeep done???


I'll try to make it to Poteau this time. The day after thanksgiving I ended up going to Hot Springs to go 'wheeling with some guys there.

I don't think my jeep will ever be done but most of the major stuff is finished. After Hot Springs, a locker is on my list for next year.

Will, there isnt much that goes on here in NW Arkansas this time of year after Rocktober Fest. But, i'm in Harrison and am always looking for someone to Jeep with. If you want to get together let me know. [email protected]

81 CJ5 w/SOA and 302 and 2000 TJ
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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