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Sorry, I dont have many particulars, but wanted to post this in case anyone is out there needing to replace their tired 4 cyl and can't find a Jeep donor.

We were out Jeepin last Sunday and ran across a friend of a friend driving an 88 YJ with a 4 cyl. As we talked and drank at another friend's cabin, he got to telling us how he drowned the motor and broke three rods a couple of weeks earlier.

This guy is good friends with another buddy of mine I went to high school with who married into the family who owns the largest wrecking yard in this area. They went searching and found a late model Dodge Dakota 4 cyl that, from the outside, appeared identical.

Wanting to get back to wheeling ASAP, they tore all the externals off the Dodge and swapped the Jeep stuff onto it. It started right up and is running like new!!!

Maybe you all knew this already, but I simply would not have thought to try it. I dont have particulars as to what yeard Dakota engine was used. I will keep trying to get a hold of him at work and post it up.

So if your 4 banger is getting tired or just blew up, maybe a low-mid milage Dakota 4 cyl is an affordable option. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif
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