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I went to the junkyard today to get a door-handle for a friend's Samuri and to find some nice bucket seats for the Comanche. After all, nobody can sit in the center of it without being in the way of the shifter, and it wastes the space that could be used by a center console (and since Jeep never made extended-cab Comanches, cabin space is at a premium...)

Very few cars had their windows rolled up in this yard (there are beautiful, but soaked, grey seats in a newer Diamante that I would have gotten otherwise) so finding the right seats that hadn't been ruined was tough. They had to be gray(ish) buckets with big side bolsters and decent head support. These look like they will fill the job beautifully! They were in an 80s Datsun Turbo-charged 200SX. Cost: $50/pair

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