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Found another Scrambler for sale!!!

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I ran across an 84 CJ8 in North West AR. if anyone on here might be looking for one. It needs a little TLC but the body is perfect!!! The guy has the doors off and the seats are getting new skin and I think a guy can get it for about 3k!!!! Im wanting it for myself but having a hard time letting go of the money with work being slow for the last couple months. If your in this area, its in Gravette AR. at the four way stop by the gas station. I can get a phone# if someone might want it. I only notice a small dent in the front driver fender and like I said its staight but needs some TLC and not very much!!!
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The guy I talked to said he thinks his friend wanted 4k for it!!! I told him there is no way he is going to get that for it the way it sits. He had a list of info on it and three different prices! $2500, $3100, and $4000. It looked like a print out off the net. I told him the $2500 to $3100 would be about the right price and for 4k it better have some new rubber on it. Like I said, the body is cherry but needs a little TLC on some dash pieces and maybe a little under the hood. Didn't see a breather for it!! Oh and the center consoul had speaker wholes cut in it. I drove by today and the seats aren't back in it and the doors are still off. He said his buddy would probably go for the prices I said above because he didn't want to put to much into it. Im thinking he picked it up cheap and just trying to make a buck.
I'll swing buy and get a phone#. Im still having second and third and fourth thoughts about it. I figure if its still there in a couple more weeks, I might have to just snatch it up for me since my wife has taken over mine.
We are going to Disney for a day trip on Jan. 17 if your going to be up this way!!!!
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