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Ford ignition upgrade cost

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Hi! I like what I am hearing about the ford upgrade. I have an 86 cj7 with the 258 engine. I would like to know how much the total upgrade costs(estimate) with brand new parts. (not junkyard) thanks, Ben

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Ben I did the upgrade yesterday and the total cost for dist cap and base and roter was $23.00 and the coil and a set of pulugs and wires were $46.00 all parts for a ford 300 six were used on an 82 cj7 all parts were picked up at kreagen the ign upgrade sure made a difference in my jeep. good luck

There you have it, what else can I say....
You already have the correct distributor, and that is the expensive part...
(Heck of a lot cheaper than a $450 DUI...)

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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