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Ford F-150 PATS keys question......

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Does anyone know if you are able to program the pats keys with only one of the originals? In the manual its says you need to have both originals. Thannks for the help!!
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You definitely need 2 programmed keys.

I have not heard/read anywhere about how to program new keys, if you only have one.

Here's the procedure I know about.
1) good key - insert - turn to "on" for 1 second ("on", not "start") - remove
2) second good key - insert - turn to "on" for 1 second - remove
3) new key - insert - turn to start car
4) done.
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Can you fake it out by using the first key twice.
Real good question, but I doubt it would work.
According to everything I've seen, if you only have one key,
only the Dealer or a Locksmith (with the proper code reader) will be able to program the key.

I'd try out your theory, but my wife would
me if I screwed up her Escape keys.

I do know folks have bought the PATS keys from Ebay for substantially less than the dealer.
Pardon the Escape forums, but heh, you should be able to garner the pertinent information.
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cost of programming a spare key ?
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