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I’m looking to fix up a first gen ford explorer. Very clean truck, low mileage, but old. Something worth putting money into. Right now it needs shocks and tires. It could also use new springs all the way around, it sits low.

I did a little searching, and found some 2 inch kits. The 2 inch kits appear to be just springs and add a leafs. I’m guessing, not being a ford guy, this stresses parts out and makes it next to impossible to get into alignment again. Is that true? Or is there enough adjustability to make a 2 inch work?

The lift would be mostly for show, the truck would be an every day driver. A mall crawler if you will. But it would be nice to separate it from every other Explorer running around out there. And, I’m already seeing the need to replace these parts. But, am I just going to cause myself more grief down the road by trying a 2 inch lift?
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