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If you are in need of stock TJ flare for your YJ or CJ then give these guys a call:Davis Auto Salvage-Corbin, KY,1-800-442-7876. They were great to deal with.

I bought some new flares. They were $33 a piece(thanks to Bob CA for the hint). $10 for shipping and a total delivered was $142. He said from time to time they do get in some wrecked TJ's and can pull the flares off them if you want to save some $, but at the time he didn't have any on the lot. I was being quoted much more than that around here from the local dealers plus I didn't have to pay sales tax/wwwthreads_images/icons/smile.gif, only shipping. Not bad for not having to leave work to pick them up.


[]llll[] '90 YJ
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