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Looking for a set of 31x11.50 tires, with lots of life left.
A thicker chunkier mud tire would be nice. I was told that you bronco guys run 31's stock so I'm sure some of you have 31's lying around your not using. PM me.

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I have a whole Bronco parts truck. PM me if there's something you might want. Tailgate is still good, Doors are good with good tinted windows, ect. Let me know if you need something. I'm also going to be parting out my current Bronco= D44 pumpkin with trac loc, 9" with Detroit and 4.56 gears. I have 2 NP208's, a big block C6, drivelines, Rancho 4" lift. ect. (Don't worry, I'm just going with one ton stuff). Make your contributions to the BigNorm Wildlife Fund!

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I have an 83 FSB with 351w, C6 etc that I am parting out. Differentals, C6, Edlebrock intake and TC in good condition.
Grandson has 89 FSB that he is changing out the engine. He is going from EFI to an engine that is carbed.
New parts on 302 include:
1. Fuel pressure regulator.
2. ICM
3. TPS
Good used parts on 302 include:
1. Computer module
2. Fuel injectors
3. Plenium
4. MAP sensor
Speed Density
Make offer. Located in N. FL.

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I am needing a Dana 44 left front knuckle for a 77 1/2 to 79 f250. mine has a casting # of 125-8. This is for a 3800 lb axel. The tie rod hole on mine is shot.

Hey Big Norm, im wanting a 4" lift for my 1990 Bronco eddie bauer. Will that rancho lift work? What all does it consist of and how much?

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ok i will post this again...

first. i got a 300 inline 6 from an 86 F150 ext cab. i dont know the condition but its 90% complete. carb...sheetmetal....dizzy...
comes with a free crank....the journals look good. dont know its been turned or if its still straight...

price....FREE come pick it up. even if the engine is bad it is still a good builder. i know it had no major issues with the cylinders

2.3L EFI from 89 mustang....about 86,ooo miles on it. ran perfect when pulled. complete with all FI stuff including full harness and computer....$300.00 come pick up

T5 5speed complete for 2.3L from Turbo coupe t-bird. 1985 i believe. has under 100k on it and still looks good inside.

price........$100 come pick up

will not ship! pm me with questions

im in williamsport,PA 17701

All parts in great shape from 1996 Bronco Eddie Bauer, just marked clean I have had a chance to wipe down and make sure they aren't dripping with gunk and what not...but everything looked great to begin with.

rods (F2TE-AA) and pistons 300 (wiped down pretty well)

Heads(E7TE)complete minus rockers $150

stock rockers $25 (clean)

intake lower (E8TE-9K461-BB) and upper (FOTE-9425-AA), Ford 5.8 EFI Truck $100 (clean)

Mass Air Flow Meter (F5UF-12B579) $30 (clean)

Throttle body, $100 (clean, didnt take out the slight oil residue on the back of the butterflies)

Roller Camshaft $20

Roller lifters $20 (clean)

crankshaft $75

oil pan (F1TE-6675-GA) $45 (Clean)

Oil pump and pickup $20 (clean)

Set of 8 F2TE-3A3 19# inj. 2 missing top O-rings $10 (clean)

All parts pulled from a 1996 Bronco EB with 100k and in great running condition.

Engine was made into a 408W street truck setup. All parts shipped (buyer pays

shipping) from 33462 (west palm beach florida).




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Huge pile of parts in Memphis

I have waaaaay too many parts to list, but most are shown in these photos.
Click this link to see my Spare Ford Truck Parts pics.
This one shows my '96 Bronco that I'm parting out.
This is my Crown Vic parts.
I sold almost all of my Land Rover parts.
I have a BUNCH of stuff that's not in the pics yet, and I'm always looking for a chance & a reason to browse the junkyards, so if you don't see what you need, just ask! :D I also have ALL the '92-03 Car and '92-02 Truck & Van service CDs, and the 2000 F-650/750 CD (which is included on the '00 Truck CD) & the '88-00 TSB CD & the '96-99 DVD covering all cars, trucks, & vans. (21 disks total)

My Policies:
1) I sell to the person whose payment ARRIVES first. I won't turn down a sale based on the expectation of someone else completing it, so if you really want something, don't wait. Someone else probably wants it, too, and I want to sell it.
2) Shipping, shipping insurance, & tracking are your choice AND responsibility - I'm just doing the legwork for you. Almost every major carrier in the world comes to Memphis, so take your pick.
3) No COD. If you want it fast, set up a free PayPal account & link it to your bank account (they actually pay you a few cents to do that).
4) The only forms of payment I accept are cash (only if you're picking it up here - I'd rather you NOT mail cash), money order in US$, or PayPal (by bank transfer or balance transfer) in US$. No checks of ANY kind, including cashier's or company. No PayPal funded by credit card - read the Fees page on PayPal to learn why I'll never accept that. Foreign money orders will have to clear before I ship.
5) I don't charge for handling - you pay only the shipping you choose. The exception is for large &/or delicate items that require a crate or special box, in which case you pay for MATERIALS only. I'll build it free.
6) If you want a shipping estimate, TELL ME YOUR LOCATION. Your ZIP in the US; country name & postal code elsewhere. My shipping ZIP is 38135.
7) Tell me who you are - most people's e-mail name doesn't match their FSB username, & sometimes not even their real name. Plus, I have a hard time remembering names anyway, so put something in your e-mail to let me know whom I'm dealing with.
8) Please set your e-mail client to include the original e-mail in the reply. I get a lot of e-mails about a lot of topics, so I need to see the whole conversation to remember what I told you.

E-mail for the quickest response by clicking my username at the top of the Left side bar.

At the moment, I have 2 rear-view mirrors with map lights ONLY for $20ea +sh.

I also have ONE dimming compass thermometer mirror for $50+sh. It looks just like this, but at the moment, I don't have the temperature sensor for it. When I get one, the price will be $60+sh.

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Re: Huge pile of parts in Memphis

Last I heard from him, the truck was stripped bare and he got rid of it.

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I need a computer for a 351 EFI W/O the E4OD. I also need the Fan clutch as mines siezed so the fan turns at engine speed all the time and as soon as my t-stat opens it floods the motor with cold(and i mean COLD) coolant throwing it back into coldstart mode. This effectivly KILLS my gas mileage.





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okay, stuff needs to leave ASAP deal making time
4 dana 44 HP inner shafts. 2 for each side.
used condition, 2 outers also included. one the cap spins in, the other is good
$100 for the set of 6 shafts. will not split u resell what you dont need!

WELD on d44 wedges. 4 wedges like you buy used from broncograveyard($45, but attached to axle tube still), or new from james duff($80)
$40 for my set of 4, that are in GREAT condition!

a set of cast in wedges. 78/ 79 style
$15 or sold to myscond 78 if he still wants them....

2 misc d44 Covers, that are pretty hefty. way better than the tin thin ones
$15 each

limited grips. $25 each
d44, 3.93 or numerically lower
d60 35 spline. 4.10 and numerically lower

3.73 reverse cut gears. used, with bearings on it.
3.55 regualr rotation d44 gears.
3.92 and numerically lower d44 carriers.
$10 each(have LOTS)

BRAND NEW d44 HP warn longside inner shaft. $130

2 used 1978 style tie rod. one knuckle to the other. pretty straight
$20 each

complete set of d44 TTB shafts from a 1992. $75.
3 sets of solid axle radius arms.
$40 each

i can't stress enough on how some of this has to go!!!!
VERY soon, or most of it is getting thrown out!

Re: Wanted front and rear 79 Bronco sway Bar

Well the Subjest line says it all. Please dig yours out if you have removed them or are considering it. I know a lot of folks shed these first thing so please let me know!!
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