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I have completly gutted my jeep, because I am dropping in full-width 3/4 tons and a small block cheverlot. Here's what I have:
Note: All parts are from a 78 CJ5
258 inline 6 (rebuilt by machine shop app. 20000 miles ago only other modifications include a 2 barrel Carter.) $300
T-150 and Dana 20 (Transmission was serviced 4 months ago, new main shaft in transfercase.) $150
4 Super Swamper Radials 36x12.50x15 (Approx. 300 miles on them, never on the trail.) $500 firm.
4 Old Chrome Wheels 15x8 (just a little surface rust) $50 for all 4
2 Rancho 6000s (YES, they are 6000s) $30 for the pair
I will also be selling the AMC 20 and Dana 30 plus the springs which appear to have been arched about 2 inches. These are currently still on the jeep so I can roll it around but they will be coming off soon.)
All parts are located in Knoxville,TN
P.S. I would be interested in trading for full-width axles, 38 to 40 inch tires, and a small block chevy/tranny/transfer.
Davey Jordan
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Big 78 CJ5, 95 Chevy 2500 ext. cab

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hey there swamper.. if you have those tires in a month.. i will take them. not sure if you are in a hurry or not to get rid of them.

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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