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FOR SALE! 1994 Defender 90

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It is time to part with my beloved D-90. Its a red, 1994 softop. It has 112,000 miles on the odometer but the motor was replaced in Januaray of this year with a new
(not rebuilt) land rover V8 (less than 15,000 mile on the motor). The factory cooling fan was replaced with a dual electric flex-a-lite unit at the same time when I had the radiator rebuilt. The transmission was replaced with the updated R380 gear box (five speed manual) at 80,000 miles. The transfer case was serviced and resealed by the dealership in May of this year. The rear differential was rebuilt with new bearings and seals and an ARB locker in october of 2001. All suspension has been replaced with OME shocks and coils. It has 305/70/316 Pro Comp Mud Terrains that were put on in July of 2001. It has an ARB front winch bumper (no winch) with two Hella Rally 3000 lamps. It has Safari Gard Rock Sliders. I also installed a Tuffy console. It has an Alpine tape deck with 6 disc changer. It was listed for $25,000 but really need it gone soon so am asking $23,000. I live in Chattanooga Tn. and if anyone is interested, email me for details! Thanks
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Any pics? E-mail them to me at [email protected]
Would not mind seeing some pics also...
[email protected]
Someday i will have a Defender 90. Ive wanted one since ive seen them. But for now ill stick to building my Jeep XJ. Till i have the money to build a D90.

Anyone have pics of their 90s id love to see them. Email them to [email protected]

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