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For Sale: 85 Honda FL350 Odyssey. Well maintained and stored (properly) for many many years. Starts easily, runs great, very fast & very reliable! Ready for the sand. Needs Nothing. In Olympia Washington.

For those who don't know what an odyssey is:
* 350cc 2-stroke engine
* Electric start
* Snowmobile type clutch (no shifting)
* Reverse gear
* Full roll cage

For those who do:

* Works brand suspension with duel rate springs and remote oil reservoirs.
* Re-wound stator to run the duel chrome off road lights.
* ATV Specialists exhaust with aluminum re-packable silencer.
* Halon fire extinguisher
* Front tires mounted on Douglas Heavy Gauge aluminum wheels.
* Rear tires are (NEW) ScatTrak 9 paddle Edges mounted on custom heavy gauge beadlocks (Non-sand tires and wheels included)
* No tear in stock seat. (should of cleaned it before I took pictures though)
* Cylinder head temp Gauge.
* Huge chromally tie-rods
* Anti-lean injection system (prevents lean condition on wide-open desert runs)
* K&N air filter
* Boyesen Reeds
* FMF Ram Valve (reed cage)
* Wiseco Piston

I'm sure I've forgot something but I'll post more as I remember.
PRICE LOWERED! Asking $3000.OBO -- Email me or post here.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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