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First Quad

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Hi all, I have taken days to work out why i could not post. Turned out my settings were too high this end.

I have bought a second-hand Quad for pennies because it had been towed home by owner and all they knew is it would not enagage any gear, back and fore. They parked it up in there garage and let it sit for a couple of years, as they have another one, hence they dragged it out and stuck a for sale sign on it.
I live in the middle of no-where so driving here is a must, and I was just out one day and came upon it parked outside a house in the middle of no-where.
I am sorry to now say it is only an Apache RLX320.
Automatic, variator rollers and drive belt drive to a rear centrifugal clutch pulley system.
One forward gear, neutral, and reverse, with front winch. (as this is only a 2WD:|) Road legal.
but i seriously paid pennies considering the new price.

I think it would be considered a cheap chinese import.
I never knew they are more a fun bike than anything serious, but I only need it for scooting around the hills, mountains and fields where I live and firewood etc,.

I was going to ask for help but have now got it stripped down, gearbox and transmission.
Gearbox is 100% perfect, thank goodness, as I was prepared to have to replace some cogs/forks or any other bits needing changed.
The rear drive clutch pulley assembly is toast.

Reached extreme temp, glowing red hot on the outer clutch drum, even melted and blistered the paint on the side cover casing.

I need to replace the entire rear drive clutch assembly.
From here I will then get it up and running perfectly again.

I can post pics of the strip and repair if wanted.

I am mostly house bound, so this gave me something to do with help my end from another person, so not as fast as a shop doing the repair, but i'll get there.
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Pictures of the Quad

Here is the Quad I bought.
It is now stipped in my garage, so looks rather bare and broken.

It will take me some working out to find the year as this has never being registered for the road, so no reg number or log book.
£55 to register it in the UK, which I will do eventually.

I will show images soon of the strip down, but here is the actual Quad the day I took it off the trailer.
As you see, the Quad has never really being anywhere and is still releatively new underneath.
It is rusty is a few places with paint chipped off or peeling. Sun fading and weathered.
I live high in the mountains here, (I call them hills, but the Welsh call them mountains), so get rain every day, mostly all day.

The poor bike has been left in standing rain, although seller said it had been garaged, which on inspection you can see it has been left outside in all weathers, as the rain has done a good number on the bike.
All cosmetic and superficial, but I will get some parts re-powder coated and some parts resprayed and replace the cables.

I estimate the bike to be about 7 years old.
It is still on it's first set of pads and very little wear on any of the discs,
Speedo only shows 488 miles, but i cannot admit to this being correct, or even close to the truth.
You will the image of the front hub assembly, which shows how newish the bike is all over, just rain being allowed to soak it daily for a few years from being stored outside.


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