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first post

ok it has taken me for ever to get to post on here
some thing about IE is all messed up and crap but anyway im here now

i have been reading about every post here that i can learnin alot just from the forums

the pic in my profile is not up to date i have added new tired to the jeep went from 30x12.50 to 33x12.50 soon as i can get a pic of it now i will post it

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Welcome and finish out your profile for us. The first post is always the hardest. So feel free to join in that that the hardest one is out of the way.



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ok I updated my profile and filled in the info that was missing
and yes the first post has takeing me a long time I have been reading the post here for about 4 months now i have been trying to post for a long time but all i would get was an error msg. some thing about an my ISP but it works now by some grace of god lol

i dont know as much as most of the people here but i can post what i think
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