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Hello, my name is jeremy and this will be first "dunebuggy" build. I've had two crotch rocket engines for a few years and have been holding onto them to do something cool with them. I just picked up this frame off craigslist a few days ago and here I am......ready to build but to he honest am a bit overwhelmed with all the planning. Any tips, help, pics of engine mounting, suspensions etc would be great.I guess I'm kind of drawing a blank as to where to start.......I'm still getting the frame cleaned up, taking out the old floor pans and things like that. I would like to build all the components of the buggy that I can myself, just for the satisfaction of building it with my own two hands......I guess that's about it, thanks in advance for any help, its greatly appreciated! !!!!!


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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