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Firestone Wilderness A/T\'s

They came std. with my z71, friend of mine had them on his '00 gmc and said they ALL blew out on him on the highway, even though my trucks a '02 arent these the same tires that explode or whatever they said on the news? How can i check too see if they are the same ones that were on explorers?

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Re: Firestone Wilderness A/T\'s

I had a 91 Explorer that came originally with the Recalled tires so im all up to date on this(actually did a report on teh whole deal last year for school) all the tires have been recalled and replaced. ALso the "Exploder" tires were 15 inch rims tires, the 16 inch rim tires were never recalled. I know a farmer with a 99 Z71 that had those tires, only problem with them way that they were magnets for picking up nails on gravel roads, other then that he never would of got new tires. but like i said if your truck is a 02 you dont have to worry, all the tires of the Wilderness A/T line have been Redesigned, so worry not
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